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Project Fabrication

Davis Iron Works has been a structural steel fabricator for over 53 years.

The company began structural fabrication in 1953, helping to re-build Waco, TX after a tornado devastated the town.

Since then, Davis Iron Works has found a niche in building schools, hospitals and office buildings. We can handle jobs up to 2,000 tons in a timely manner. Other projects that we have provided structural steel for include grain elevators, storage tanks, and feeders.

Our shop is continuously being updated with latest equipment and technology to insure our projects are finished efficiently and economically. Over the past several years we have added the following equipment to better serve our customers fabrication needs:

  • 350 ton Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Hydraulic Shear 1/2" x 16'0"
  • 216 ton Cambering Machine
  • 4000 Watt Laser Cutting Machine
  • Messer plasma/torch with a capacity of 4" plate on a 10' wide x 40' long table

  • Our most important assets are our employees that work to get your project to the jobsite. From our in house detailing department to our welders and fitters to our drivers, our commitment is to provide quality material in a timely manner.

    If you have questions regarding a project and would like to know how Davis Iron Works can assist with the steel fabrication, please call David Little or Frank Ramos at (254) 666-1000.